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Custom Gaming PCs and Simulators

Specialty gaming PCs are not necessarily expensive by design, rather these gaming PCs are built for a player who knows what they want and has the experience to work with specialised gaming equipment. Give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss what you would like in your custom gaming rig. We are always keen to geek out on the phone.ย 

We have built every kind of custom gaming PC configuration you can think of. From V8 supercar simulators with 3 screens and rumble seatsโ€ฆ to flight simulators with 4x screens and realistic cockpit flight controls we have built it all and everything in between.

Streaming PCs and Workstations

Streaming PCs and video / design workstations are tailor made to perform at the highest level with the users preferred streaming platform or video editing software. So if you use the Adobe Creative Suite or other products by Sony and Affinity, PCGAMER has the experience to design and build the right workstation for you.
Looking to get into streaming and need the full setup? Cameras, microphones, booms and greenscreensโ€ฆ no need to figure it all out yourself, we have experience with it all and can get you up and running as fast as possible.
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Custom PC Testimonials

Trevor Clark

Just have to say I am seriously impressed! I have it running a stress test on 16 emulated phones simultaneously, watching a movie and playing poker - all at the same time, bloody thing does not miss a beat ๐Ÿ™‚ Totally love it!

Nathan Sinnott

Super friendly, professional, and helpful. Didn't know much about building PCs at all, so I went over to his shop and he spent over an hour answering my newbie questions and helping me out.ย  He emailed me multiple options for PC builds that he had tailored to my personal needs and let me research each component and decide which parts were best for my budget and use.ย 

Contact us to design your specialty PC today.

Let us know what hectic thing you want to be doing with your PC and we can design a PC for you. Send us the links to any software you want to be using and leave the rest to us.


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