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It can be difficult to know where to begin with PC gaming. There are a lot of options to consider and a very large learning curve if you are going to try and figure it all out yourself.

Getting started can be hard… you need to buy all the extras like keyboard, monitor mouse and headphones to get going. How are you supposed to know what to buy if you have zero experience with any of the parts?

PCGAMER has designed a great entry level gaming PC bundle for new players without much “custom PC” experience. With this you can unbox all your new gear and get gaming as quickly as possible. 

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This PC setup is designed for new players who want to dive straight into games like Fortite, Overwatch, APEX and League of Legends without selling a kidney along the way.

This is the best way to get started with PC gaming, high quality gear at an affordable price. It also works perfectly as a gift, as there is nothing else needed to join the 2.3 billion PC gamers online simply, un-box and enjoy.

We also know that new players on PC are unlikely to have the best technical experience, so we have designed this system to minimise any unexpected issues along the way. 


  • The most economical monitor for gaming is actually a big 27″ inch 1080p (HD) monitor. We only choose monitors that can run at a minimum of 75Hz for smooth gameplay. The most common brands we pick for gaming monitors are typically AOC, LG or Samsung.


  • When you have never gamed on a PC before its hard to say what sort of keyboard and mouse would suit you best. So at this level we go for an excellent bundle form Corsair. Including an RGB keyboard, mouse and headset with an excellent wireless gamepad controller from MSI. Gamer quality gear with he all important RGB colours 😛


A great starting point with heaps of upgrade options

  • CPU | AMD Ryzen 5 5500 3.6Ghz AMD 6core, 12thread processor
  • MOTHERBOARD | B550 chipset with Wi-Fi – typically ASUS, MSI or GIGABYTE
  • RAM | T-Force Dark Z 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz CL16 DDR4


  • GeForce GTX 1660 or RTX 2060 – Typically MSI, ASUS (when the prices return to normal)


  • RYZEN Low Profile Cooler


  • NVMe M.2 SSD 1000GB (1TB) – Kingston, Crucial or Samsung

// CASE*

  • MetallicGear Neo Air Mid Case

// PSU

  • 650W – 750W Gold rated power supply – Phanteks, Seasonic or Super Flower

// included services

  • Windows install, and registration.
  • Testing and optimisation with the latest BIOS, drivers and OS updates.
  • 3 months phone / email tech support.

*Parts may change slightly due to availability, we will discuss options with you when the order is placed. The global graphics card shortage is also blowing out prices.



$2,200 - $2,500

Each of our bundles are tailor made for your specific needs and circumstances. The price range above is typical for most PCGAMER complete bundle systems. 


Contact us to design your full pc setup today.

For all enquiries about this system, including custom changes. Simply let us know what games you want to play and what your budget is and we will recommend a PC setup for you. 

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PC Gaming is the highest form of “enthusiast grade” gaming. It is not uncommon for top end gaming PCs to cost $3.5k or more. But this high price does not necessarily reflect a doubling or tripling in the amount of enjoyment to be had. We focus or build specs on what really matters. 

Our recommended system sets you up for an excellent long term gaming experience, spending the larger portion of the PC budget on the graphics card, CPU and RAM. As together they are most important part of any gaming system.

This leaves the rest of the budget for core components specially selected for their ability to handle the erratic Central Coast NSW environment.
Welcome to the coast! In the summer you have heat and humidity and in the winter you can get mould and damp.
Not to mention the salt, that can completely corrode your system within 3 months if you live close (view distance) to one of our excellent beaches.
These conditions are not good for high end PC components. Your brand new gaming PC can have its lifetime seriously reduced if the mould / damp / salt / heat gets inside your case.
Fortunately we design and build our recommended gaming system with these conditions in mind, giving the maximum life expectancy and easy maintenance options for you and your new gaming PC.