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PC Special Update


This PC bundle is specifically configured for the most budget friendly introduction to PC gaming for those who “just wanna play Fortnite”or“just wanna play APEX”

We make this PC 100% ready for you to unbox and get gaming as fast as possible. Perfect for the first-time PC gamer or when making the move from a laptop. 

This PC setup is designed for new players who want to dive straight into games like Fortite, Overwatch, APEX and League of Legends (eSports type games) without selling a kidney along the way.


// JusT the GAming PC

A great gaming PC with WiFi, heaps of RGB lights and everything ready to just plug-in and play. We also know that new players on PC are unlikely to have the best technical experience, so we have designed this system to minimise any unexpected issues along the way. 

AMD Ryzen 5 5500 3.6Ghz AMD 6core, 12thread processor will give you all the power you need for the GTX 1650 graphics card to work its magic. Bundled with a 500GB NVMe drive, 16GB of fast 3200MHz RAM and WiFi… This PC has heaps of RGB and a glass side panel… It’s a great entry point to PC gaming


A great big monitor that matches the capabilities of the PC well, meaning you aren’t paying for features in your monitor that your PC can’t use.


A big 27″ inch 1080p (HD) monitor. We only choose monitors that can run at a minimum of 75Hz for smooth gameplay. The most common brands we pick for gaming monitors are typically AOC, LG or Samsung.


When you already have a PC monitor and you are just wanting the rest of your setup. This gaming pack includes a gamer grade keyboard, mouse, headphones, mouse mat and game controller. This is a great addition to get with your PC. 


Corsair RGB keyboard, mouse and headset with an excellent wireless gamepad controller from MSI. Gamer quality gear with he all important RGB colours  


Get the whole setup including the PC listed above + keyboard + mouse + headphones + gamer controller + monitor for the special bundle price.

// The whole lot

get gaming now

Contact us to order your pc setup today.

For all enquiries about this system, including custom changes. Simply let us know what games you want to play and what your budget is and we will recommend a PC setup for you. 

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This PC is perfect for players who want to play the most popular online multiplayer games, with a user-friendly PC that isn’t going to be difficult to look after and also offer some decent upgrade options for the future.

This is the best way to get started with PC gaming, high quality gear at an affordable price. It also works perfectly as a gift, as there is nothing else needed to join the 2.3 billion PC gamers online simply, un-box and enjoy.

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