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Now is the time to buy your gaming PC!

The price of graphics cards has finally returned to normal, and prices are still falling! This means the mighty 3060Ti is able to be incorportated into gaming PCs at many different levels!

PCGAMER no longer needs to negotiate hard for graphics card supply, and we can once again choose the brands and manufacturers we want.

Now is the time to email us, and build your ideal custom gaming PC!

PC gaming is now king

As the current generation of Xbox and PlayStation are both filled with AMD tech, they are essentially mini-PCs in their core architecture. 

This means It has never been easier for game developers to maximise their market by releasing games on all three major platforms: Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Also because of the modest PC based hardware inside the consoles, developers are focusing on efficient code in order to get the best performance from their games. 

All this adds up to a new generation of games that perform better on PC, including higher framerates and smoother gameplay.

A mid-range gaming PC purchased in 2022 will be able to play AAA game titles at a higher graphical detail for much longer that would have been possible for a mid-range gaming PC built 2 years ago.

Welcome to gaming on the Central Coast

Custom PCG4M3R gaming PCs are all built to the highest quality standards. We commonly build PCs that need to serve as video editing / graphic design systems as well as epic gaming machines.

Also we can build gaming PCs so that they don’t look like “gaming PCs” (so you can hide it from the boss) and build PCs to accommodate bookshelves and home entertainment units.

“Great system, attention to detail & build quality is superb, it’s the quietest system I’ve owned (or seen) by a country mile… all a great price with genuine customer service. No question in my mind where my next systems will be coming from.” — Ninohashi



Over the last 2 years the best tech to put on a gaming PC has shifted away from Intel and over to AMD. “Team Red” has seriously taken intel to the cleaners as their latest CPUs are an absolute win for gamers and content creators everywhere. 

PCGAMER has extensive experience building top end AMD Ryzen gaming PCs. The majority of the gaming PCs leaving our workshop are AMD (like 70:1)

Graphics - RAM - CPU

With 13 years experience building gaming PCs, all of our PCs are designed to be a perfect balance between the CPU, the RAM and the graphics card. 

All 3 of these components form the core of your gaming PCs capabilities. Your system will never give you the performance you want until all these core parts are in balance with each other.

Our recommended system sets you up for an excellent long term gaming experience, spending the larger portion of the PC budget making sure the CPU >RAM > GRAPHICS are in sync, it’s the most important part of any gaming system.