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2 year quality guarantee & warranty

The construction/build of your PC comes with a 2 year quality guarantee & warranty. This means if any hardware related issues appear within the first 2 year period PC GAMER will diagnose the issue, and then manage the warranty replacement process of any faulty parts with the manufacturer (or supplier) on your behalf.

Temporary replacement parts

Additionally where it is possible, we will offer temporary replacement parts to get your PC up and running while we are waiting for warranty claims to be processed by the parts manufacturer or the parts supplier. This can take between 2 weeks (when the faulty part is new and still in common stock) or sometimes up to 6 months (eg if the part fails on the 5th year of its 5year warranty). These temporary replacement parts provided by PC GAMER are unlikely to be the same as the parts under investigation, however they will be good enough to make your PC “usable” while we wait for the original part warranties to be processed.

Warranty Exclusions

It is important to note that our quality guarantee and warranty is unable to cover damage or faults due to the following instances:

  • Physical damage, such as dropping the PC or damage done while in transit.
  • Damaged caused by irregular mains power such as a power surges etc.
  • Damage caused by environmental effects such as salt, condensation/moisture or extreme heat.
  • Damage caused by your own DIY upgrades to the original system components purchased from PC GAMER.
  • Damage caused by the improper or incorrect use of software, eg: corrupted Windows operating systems or bad BIOS updates.

Changes made to original configuration

Please note we do encourage DIY upgrades to your PC, however please understand that we cannot provide our quality guarantee & warranty to any parts added to the original system components purchased from PC GAMER. Additionally we cannot be held responsible for any damages the original system components purchased from PC GAMER may cause to new components introduced to the system.

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