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CusTom gaming PcS builT faST in 5-8 Working Days

This is a PC setup that can play games like Fortnite, Valorant, Overwatch and League. For the players who “just wanna play Fortnite” without selling a kidney.

Typical build price:


This is a PC setup that can play everything the “get started” setup can, but at much higher frame rates. Great for making the move to PC from PS5 or Xbox

Typical build price:


Game at 1080p with ULTIMATE detail at very high fps. This is the PC setup if youre serious about your framerates and PC gaming experience. 

Typical build price:


High performance PC setup that is able play games well at the high resolution of 1440p (2560 x 1440). OR you can game at 1080p with  a crazy high fps.

Typical build price:


SpecialTy Gaming SysTemS

Specifically designed for super-low latency. These PCs prioritise CPU  speeds over raw graphics power. Because lagging with VR makes you feel sick.

Typical build price:


A special PC build designed to cater to the needs of MS Flight Simulator. These PCs are made with additional storage NVMe drives to cache all the maps as you fly.

Typical build price:


The highest tier PC gaming, able to game well at 4K, and obviously obliterate games when playing at lower resolutions. Also recommended for pros and streamers.

Typical build price:


Professional workstations & 4K video editing. These PCs are built for professional use with dependable reliability at the forefront.

Typical build price:


Top Tier service & Advice

Gaming PCs on The CenTral CoAsT

Custom PCGAMER gaming PCs are all built to the highest quality standards with a focus on long term operation and upgrade possibilities. Our reviews are amazing and our customer service is unparalleled. We commonly build PCs that need to serve as video editing / graphic design workstations as well as amazing gaming machines.

Also we can build gaming PCs so that they don’t look like “gaming PCs” (so you can hide it from the boss).

“Contacted Kym at PCGamer at the last minute as you do, looking for a rush order on a high spec gaming machine. Knew what I wanted, he worked through it with me and suggested better alternatives and why. Service was outstanding and built in record time!” — Trevor Clark

All THe PC gAMeS

PC gaming is king again in 2023

As the current generation of Xbox and PlayStation are both filled with AMD tech, they are essentially mini-PCs in their core architecture. 

This means it has never been easier for game developers to maximise their market by releasing games on all three major platforms: Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Also because of the modest PC based hardware inside the consoles, developers are focusing on efficient code in order to get the best performance from their games. 

All this adds up to a new generation of games that perform better on PC, including higher framerates and smoother gameplay.

A mid-range gaming PC purchased in 2023 will be able to play AAA game titles at a higher graphical detail for much longer that would have been possible for a mid-range gaming PC built 3 years ago.

Top tier graphics cards are now selling at prices accurate to the recommended retail pricing!

Email us toady to customise a PC gaming setup for you, that could only be dreamed of in 2022! 

The RTX 4070Ti is an absolute pixel crushing monster of a graphics card that’s completely unbeatable at its $1,000 – $1,200 price range.

If you have been holding out for graphics card prices to be somewhat normal… Now is the time to email us, and let us build your ideal custom gaming PC!

AMD Gaming PCS


Over the last few years the best tech to put in your gaming PC has shifted away from Intel and over to AMD. “Team Red” has seriously taken intel to the cleaners as their latest CPUs are an absolute win for gamers and content creators everywhere. 

AMD RYZEN Reliability

AMD offers upgrade paths AND downgrade paths for its tech… meaning if you are operating a mission critical PC and need to get it up and running again ASAP. With an AMD PC you will enjoy a 4 year window of compatible parts being available for your PC instead of Intels typical 9 month window. 

Balanced Gaming PCs

With 15 years experience building gaming PCs, all of our PCs are designed to be a perfect balance between the CPU, the RAM and the graphics card. 

All 3 of these components form the core of your gaming PCs capabilities. Your system will never give you the performance you want until all these core parts are in balance with each other.

Our recommended system sets you up for an excellent long term gaming experience, spending the larger portion of the PC budget making sure the CPU >RAM > GRAPHICS are in sync, it’s the most important part of any gaming system.