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12b Karalta Lane Erina
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Custom Made Gaming PCs & Workstations Since 2008

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email: [email protected] 

On our journey To be The besT PC reTailer in NSW

It’s not just our opinion, check our awesome reviews from Google. 

We do Things differenT

16 years of professional gaming PC building experience have given us a seasoned perspective on what matters most when designing a killer gaming PC

// 3 years upgrade potential in every system

  • Every system designed by PCGAMER has at least 3 years of upgrade potential in its core technology. We don’t sell cheap systems containing “end of life” components. When you buys a PCGAMER gaming PC your PC will be able to grow with you as your needs increase.

// WiFi and BlueTooth built in

  • Its 2024 and even the dishwasher can connect to the WiFi. Selling Gaming PCs without WiFi and Bluetooth makes no sense. Especially when considering motherboards with built in WiFi are generally engineered to a higher quality than those without.

// Salt, mould and sketchy power

  • Life on the central coast is great but it can be challenging for your gaming PC. Salt and damp / mould are a serious factor when designing PCs in this area. We choose parts that we know will be able to resist these challenging conditions.
  • Irregular “dirty” mains power is a real issue. Especially after some serious rain. Poorly engineered power supplies are popping all over the central coast and sometimes they take the whole PC out with them. We only use well engineered power supplies from trusted brands, with a minimum “GOLD” wattage of 750W

// Open to the public workshop

  • We build all our PCs publically in store. Meaning when you come in to discuss options for your new PC we typically have a handful of real world examples to show you. Our product knowledge is unparalleled, and we are happy to discuss real-world practical solutions to your PC needs.

// "walk in" service and repairs

  • If its a gaming PC we’ll fix it. And it doesn’t matter if it’s one of our PCs or not. We have a solid track record of breathing life back into well loved gaming PCs and workstations. 

AuTomatic exTended WarranTy

Don’t pay more for an extended warranty! as all PCGAMER gaming computers and PC workstations are automatically covered by our outrageous extended part warranty.

We will honour the individual warranties on the parts in your system that may extend beyond the standard 2 year system warranty.

For example parts like power supplies and motherboards often have 3-5 year part warranties. Should anything fail we will hunt down these parts for you.

VisiT, Email & Call uS NOW!

Come into our store and chat with us about your PC. We know everything there is to know about gaming PCs and can easily recommend an ideal setup for you.

12b Karalta Lane Erina
(opposite Harvey Norman) 

0414 722 014

... and iTs happening

It’s not just our opinion, check our awesome reviews from Google.