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AMD 7800X3D Gaming PC

When you wanT The besT... This is iT

The 7800X3D is the greatest gaming CPU on the market. And when combined with the RTX 4080 or the more budget conscious RTX 4070Ti. These PCs  will push any game to its maximum potential.

Is iT really The besT?

When the 7800X3D gaming CPU was launched it was priced quite high, but in the months since it has dropped significantly in price, meaning you can funnel that “extra” budget into the other components in your system. 

Its not just our opinion though, check this video out form these Aussie reviewers. 

Typical 7800X3D gaming PC specs

Below is an example of the typical parts set we use in a 7800X3D Gaming PC. Email, phone or visit us in store to discuss the exact parts used for your PC.

// CPU & MOBO - the main guts

  • Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPU, 8 Core 16 Thread, 5GHz Boost OBVIOUSLY
  • Lower cost | MSI B650M GAMING PLUS WIFI WiFi & Bluetooth 8x USB ports 1 is TYPE-C
  • Faster boot time | Gigabyte B650M AORUS ELITE AX WiFi & Bluetooth 12x USB ports 1 is TYPE-C

// RAM - only the really "good stuff"

  • 32GB Team T-Force Delta RGB Black 32GB (2x16GB) 6000MHz DDR5 CL30

// 1080p & 1440p GRAPHICS CARD

  • ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 4070Ti OC 12G


  • Many RTX 4080 16G graphics cards are of exceptional quality. We prefer ASUS, GIGABYTE and ZOTAC brands.


  • Minimum 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD with
    Read / write | 7,400MBs / 7,000MBs or above


  • Deepcool MYSTIQUE 240 Liquid CPU Cooler
    inc screen to display system temps & sweet gifs


  • A variety of cases are suitable. However the mandatory requirement when managing the crazy amount of heat produced by an RTX 4080 is to use a case that can house a 140mm rear fan.
  • Minimum ATX 3.0 Power supply. We prefer the Corsair 850W  Supply GOLD

// included services

  • Windows 11 Pro install, and registration
  • Latest BIOS, drivers and OS updates
  • Removing Windows bloatware

// Budget RANGE for a 7800X3D Gaming PC

$4,600 - $5,200

Remember each PCGAMER gaming PC is tailor made for your specific needs and circumstances.

You may be able BYO parts form your old PC, or some parts you have collected over time to reduce this cost. So feel free to contact us or check in store for the latest specs.

Epic R7 7800X 3D CPU

your pc comes wiTh

Don’t pay more for an extended warranty! as all PCGAMER gaming computers and PC workstations are automatically covered by our outrageous extended part warranty.

We will honour the individual warranties on the parts in your system that may extend beyond the standard 2 year system warranty.

For example parts like power supplies and motherboards often have 3 year part warranties. Should anything fail we will hunt down these parts for you.

One of the guiding principals we use in every PCGAMER gaming pc is to ensure your new gaming PC has at least 3 years worth of upgrades that are readily available.

This means as your experience with PC gaming grows your system can grow along with you.

When we say upgrades… we mean real upgrades, like dropping in a more powerful CPU, doubling your RAM. And obviously the ability to add more storage and upgrade graphics. 

At PCGAMER we have an “open workshop”, which means you can see our PCs being built in store, by real experts.

Just like a car mechanic we can service and repair your PC in our store on-site.

Unlike JB HiFi, Harvey Norman or Officeworks We aren’t going to “send your PC away” for weeks at a time. We offer real over-the-counter support the way it should be.

Picking your PC up in person is an excellent way to get some awesome tips and tricks from us on how to setup, maintain and keep your new gaming PC in peak condition.

Ask us anything when you come to collect, no question is too embarrassing (we have heard and seen everything).


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50 mins | drive from Lake Macquarie

Amazing reviews

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Come into our store and chat with us about your PC. We know everything there is to know about gaming PCs and can easily recommend an ideal setup for you.

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