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older Gaming PC Upgrades & Rebuilds

BreaThing life back inTo older PCs

PCGAMER is able advise on the upgrade potential of any gaming PC or workstation. It doesn’t matter if you built it yourself, or purchased it pre-built, feel free to bring your older gaming PC in for an assessment.

// First 15 mins is free

  • We aren’t going to charge you any money when diagnosing what might be the best options for upgrading your older gaming PC or workstation.

oLD AMD PC no worries!!

Its often possible to give an older AMD PC one last run on the battlefield. To rage in a blaze of high FPS glory, before spectacularly dying a glorious way. 

//AMD PCs as old as 2016 can still be upgraded

Old AMD motherboards form 2018 are still compatible with next gen AMD CPUs released in 2023. So don’t write off your 5 year old PC just yet. 

// Intel raiding the spare parts box

When you are attempting to upgrade an older PC based on an intel CPU and motherboard, often new parts are no longer compatible with older system.

However this won’t stop us, from raiding the bits box “out the back” and seeing if we can make some magic happen with some refurbished parts.

PCs from JB HiFi or Harvey Norman

Gaming PCs purchased from JB HiFi, Harvey Norman or Office Works etc are mass produced with an engineering solution designed to just barely last the 2year warranty period.

These kind of PCs a built so that only the original manufacturer are able to service the core components of: Motherboard, CPU and power supply. 

It is super tough to try and upgrade a PC purchased from JB HiFi, Harvey Norman or Office Works but feel free to bring your PC in for assessment. 

Check out the video on this page for a full explanation of why it is very tough to upgrade a mass manufactured PC sold by JB HiFi, Harvey Norman or Office Works. 

PC upgrade using a combinaTion of old and new parTs

In this video we take you through the rationale behind bringing this older PC back into the modern age. 

How To spOT an unupgradable PC

This video is a quick guide on how to make informed decisions with mass manufactured gaming PCs from stores like JB HiFi and Harvey Norman.

VisiT, Email & Call uS NOW!

Come into our store and chat with us about your PC. We know everything there is to know about gaming PCs.

12b Karalta Lane Erina
(opposite Harvey Norman) 

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