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RAM > CPU > Graphics... RaTios Explained

Gaming daTa musT flow smooThly

Its hard to think of a good analogy here without sounding completely mad, but here goes.

So the core differentiator between a good gaming PC, and a great gaming PC, is the how much effort has been put into balancing the capabilities of the CPU / RAM / Graphics.

Like a mind > body > spirit type situation … CPU / RAM / Graphics need to be in balance. Otherwise somewhere in the chain performance is being wasted (or limited).

No matter how you look at it, a gaming system breaking this three way balancing act translates into money spent poorly.

CPU & RAM Explained

AMD RYZEN CPUs have this thing called “Infinity Fabric” and its easier to visualise it as the material that holds all the CPU processing cores together. Now the standout awesome feature of this piece of CPU architecture is that is will operate as fast as the system RAM will allow it. Meaning the speed and bandwidth of the data being passed around the CPU cores can be directly influenced by the quality of the RAM you have in your gaming PC. This is standard AMD RYZEN functionality used across all types of AMD systems, from basic work PCs to high end video editing suites and outrageous cryptocurrency mining rigs. Intel based CPUs sit on the other side of the equation. The CPU is not influenced by the presence of fast RAM in the same way as a RYZEN system. This means any investment above a basic set of RAM on an Intel gaming PC is wasted.

Graphic Cards

Your graphics card is basically a miniature PC inside your PC. It has its own computational core, cooling and RAM just like the gaming PC it sits inside.

However it can only process the data into pixels on your screen, as fast as it is being fed data by the combined efforts of the CPU and RAM.

Ideally your graphics card is as close to a 1:1 processing ratio as possible.

This would mean your graphics card can process the data as fast as it is being fed, no more, no less. It’s this exact engineering outcome that the console designers (both XBOX and PLAY STATION) have achieved in their systems.

PC gaming has more freedom in system design than the consoles. However it is important to avoid a “feast or famine” scenario with your graphics card. This is where all three of the core components… CPU / RAM and graphics, all need to have a similar level of performance in order to get the highest and most consistent framerates out of tour system.

FeasT or Famine > BoTh are Bad

Over (or under) investing in your graphics card will have the largest impact on the overall gaming potential of any gaming PC. Avoiding a “feast or famine” scenario as best as you can yields the best results.

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