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How much To spend on a new gaming pc?

WhaT is The ideal spend?

PCgamer has been building gaming PCs since 2008, over this time we have built such a ridiculous range of PCs that we have come to notice a very strong trend.

We see a pattern form where PCs at opposite ends of the price spectrum…

where super budget PCs are on one end
and very very high end gaming PCs are on the other

Both have a similar set of compatibility issues, for different reasons, that make them difficult and costly to maintain over time.

Over their lifetimes, both very low budget and very high budget gaming PCs suffer from similar upgrade and maintenance issues as each other.

BudgeT gaming PC woes

On the lower end of the spending scale you have systems that have inevitably cut a whole lot of manufacturing corners to deliver components at the low price point. This means the parts used have a very narrow set of operating parameters. You can see this in cheap systems that may only use one specific type of RAM or they might have no ability to add a second hard drive. This situation results in a PC that’s frustrating for the owner because they have almost no flexibility to extend the longevity of their system. Also after 2 years upgrades are out of the question as PCs like this are only made to just scrape through the 2 years warranty period and then be replaced… just like your phone.


On the high end you have a system engineered to bleed the very best performance out of every component. Systems like this need the best quality (sometimes exotic) components in every category, otherwise you end up with random-crashing, overheating and some software/games refusing to run at all.

Just like a high performance car, high end PCs need more care and attention than there cheaper brothers and sisters in order to keep delivering the peak performance expected of them.

This situation can be frustrating for their owners because they have spent a massive amount of money on a computer that doesn’t “just work” as they expected it.

Expensive gaming PCs are designed to last much longer than 2 years, however after 3 or 4 years has passed… you might start looking for an upgrade only to discover the high end parts your PC is compatible with aren’t manufactured anymore.

Mid-Range is The BesT

So what does this mean? In our vast experience the mid-range gaming PCs offer the best variety of gaming solutions and have the highest compatibility with the widest range of parts.

Gaming PCs engineered to be delivered at the “mid-range” can use both cheap and expensive RAM, they can have just one or multiple hard-drives, they can run cool and quiet or crank it up and run hot, fast and loud.

Owners of PCs at this price bracket have the highest satisfaction with their PCs and because they didn’t spend that extra $800 to $1000 at first, they can upgrade more frequently… keeping their PC up-to-date.

CompaTibiliTy maTTers

Higher PC component compatibility means more flexible gaming solutions to match your budget and easier future upgrade paths.

With cheap budget gaming PCs on one end, and very expensive high performing gaming PCs on the other,  a “compatibility bell curve” starts to form.

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