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Custom Made Gaming PCs & Workstations Since 2008

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Gaming PC Services & Repairs

Bringing PCs back from The dead

PCGAMER is able to service and repair any gaming PC or workstation. It doesn’t matter if you built it yourself, or purchased it pre-built, feel free to bring your sick PC in for an assessment.

// First 15 mins is free

  • We aren’t going to charge you any money when diagnosing what might be wrong with your PC. Once we figured out what’s going on, we can have an open and frank discussion about the effort needed to bring your PC back from the dead.  

// After diagnosis our rate is $75 per hour

  • When working on your PCs resurrection we keep you completely informed of  time needed and the overall costs for the needed repairs. If anything changes our original estimate we call you and discuss the best options forward.
  • You’re completely in the loop with no surprises.
  • As a guiding principal PCGAMER charges $75 per hour to, build  / clean / test / upgrade … any given task. Whatever it takes to get your PC up and running again.

Bios updaTes & windows insTalls

We often get asked to perform BIOS updates and windows installations on PCs as the process can be daunting for the inexperienced. 

// BIOS updates

BIOS updates are simple for us and only cost $30. This includes a quick fine-tune to make sure you are getting the most out of your PC hardware.

// Windows installs WIN 11 PRO

Windows installations can be a drama. We make sure your system has all the very latest drivers and software utilities to operate at its best. We also fine tune windows itself so it doesn’t consume so many resources, and boots up as fast as possible. Windows installations are such a highly requested task we have decided to charge $125 as a flat rate to get your PC up and running.

Pre builT gaming PC repairs

Sending your PC back to the place your purchased it from can be a real drama. Especially because you run the risk of, your PC being damaged even further in transit to its original builder. If this builder happens to be in South Australia … forget it. There is virtually no chance it will arrive unscathed.

We are happy to repair PCs that aren’t ours. So feel free to bring in your PC for its free assesment.

More often than not, the cost of having your PC repaired locally is similar to the cost of attempting to send it back to the original builder.

PC cleaning services

Cleaning PCs is a necessary task in order to resist, corrosion and system failure.

After brining in your PC for cleaning, we will let you know how long it will take to clean, at our hourly rate (minimum $75 for a 1hour clean) This cost covers all the cleaning materials needed to get your PC looking its best.

Not to mention cleaning your PC can keep these little bastards out! When you get them your PC is dead because they excrete a type of slow corrosive liquid.

VisiT, Email & Call uS NOW!

Come into our store and chat with us about your PC. We know everything there is to know about gaming PCs and can easily recommend an ideal setup for you.

12b Karalta Lane Erina
(opposite Harvey Norman) 

0414 722 014