Building awesome gaming PCs since 2008

We have 13+ Years of PC building experience

PCGAMER (was until recently known as PCG4M3R) started building gaming PCs professionally in 2008. This was in a time when having a CDROM in your PC was essential and a system with 8GB of RAM was “HEAPS”. So to say we have seen a lot change over the last decade and a half is a massive understatement. After 10 years building gaming PCs in Sydney, in 2018 we made the move up to Erina on the Central Cost of NSW.

These 13 years of experience have given us a seasoned perspective on what matters most when designing a killer gaming PC

PC Gaming is the highest form of “enthusiast” grade PC building. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the incredible amount of options available. To make the whole process simpler, we have narrowed down the options with these 3 core categories. 

A great PC setup for a new PC gamer:

New players want to get stuck into the latest battle royal game as quick as possible, without tinkering and tweaking their new PC.  They need a PC setup that is simple to maintain and “just works” right out of the box.

PC Gamers who know what they need:

PC gamers who have been playing games for a few years, have come to know a thing or two about computer maintenance and aren’t too scared about diving into the settings of their games to set them up just how they need them. This level of gaming PC needs a bit more care and love, but it will reward you with a greater level of performance. 

Tailor made specialty PCs:

Seasoned PC gamers who have been playing with high performance gaming PCs for many years. This grade of gaming PC is really pushes outrageous frame rates at higher resolutions. However just like a high performance super-car it needs to be cared for in order to stay at its peak.

Gaming PCs at this level are made to the needs of their owners and no two PCs are the same. Sometimes its all about streaming capabilities, sometimes its multiple monitor setups for flight-simulators and sometimes is just about hitting a constant frame rate above 220 frames per second.